20th C Poetics Rewritten

Kevin Carollo’s stunning review of Emilio Villa’s Selected Poetry in Rain Taxi (spring 2016)

“Hermetically dynamic, anciently postmodern, materially evanescent, marginally liminal, futuristically prehistoric, reclusively performative, vulgarly esoteric, erotically ascetic — and intensely, explosively, delightfully heteroglossic — this translation of the selected poetry of Emilio Villa relentlessly rewrites everything we think we know about twentieth-century poetics. To approach an understanding of Villa’s life work requires reimagining what translation is and how language means. His work, in turn, underscores the impossibility of completion, of a collected whole…

… Siracusa’s introduction to the life and work of this mercurial and sibylline master is excellent. And his deft, albeit necessarily “partial,” translations induce a curious effect, as if his translated Italian compels the English speaker to note the translated part of the heteroglossic, “original” whole.”

Purchase the spring 2016 issue of Rain Taxi to read the full review.

Lengthy sample of the Villa book available here

20th C Poetics Rewritten


Join us for an evening of readings by:

Allan Graubard — Gherasim Luca, Self-Shadowing Prey
Genese Grill — Robert Musil, Thought Flights
Nancy Kline — Lorand Gaspar, Earth Absolute
Allan Graubard — Ferit Edgu, Noone
Mary Shaw & François Cornilliat — Claude Mouchard, Entangled, Papers! Notes
Jason Mohaghegh — Ahmad Shamlu, Born Upon the Dark Spear

KGB Bar Sunday Night Fiction

The KGB Bar Sunday Night Fiction showcases the finest in contemporary fiction from new and emerging writers. Curated by Suzanne Dottino


85 E. 4th St., NYC

January 31, 2016
7:00 pm9:00 pm


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Moody Speculative Cosmology

Critical Inquiry on Frank Chouraqui’s exceptional tr. of Blanqui’s Eternity by the Stars.

A crucial tome for Benjamin, Borges, & Sebald, to name but a few.

“our understanding of Blanqui stands to be permanently altered by Contra Mundum’s new English translation of Eternity by the Stars, a moody speculative cosmology he wrote while imprisoned at the Fort du Taureau in the early days of the Third Republic.” — Andrew Pendakis

Read the full piece here


Moody Speculative Cosmology

Richard Foreman in Conversation

Join legendary maestro of the theater, RICHARD FOREMAN, pioneering experimental filmmaker and teacher, KEN JACOBS, and playwright and essayist and theater/culture blogger, GEORGE HUNKA—to celebrate the publication of Richard Foreman’s latest two books:  The Manifestos and Essays (Theater Communications Group) and Plays with Films (the last three plays to be produced at the St. Mark’s Theater, magically brought to the page and published by Contra Mundum Press). 

Event date:

Monday, November 30, 2015 – 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Event address:

McNally Jackson Books

52 Prince St., NYC



Richard Foreman in Conversation

Forgotten Modernist Masterpiece

Paul Griffiths on Szentkuthy’s PRAE, Tim Wilkinson’s “colossally laudable” translation, & so much more, in the TLS (Sept. 25, 2015)

“What if we found that something had long been missing from the great canon of modernist ancestors? What if, besides Proust and Musil and Joyce and Kafka, there were some other writer who had reconsidered what prose could be about — reconsidered how prose could be about anything at all? What if this other writer’s work were so dense as to be almost totally impenetrable, which is why it had been overlooked so long, but we were now coming to realize that the impenetrability‚ — being in the presence, as a reader, of a vast rockface with almost no footing — was entirely the point? What if, in other words, Miklos Szentkuthy?”

Republished in The Wall St. Journal

Forgotten Modernist Masterpiece